Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bali International Marina Concept Proposal

BIM (Bali International Marina), is an reclaimed island from the island of Serangan and existing abandoned Serangan resort complex that support program of BST (Bali Sustainable Tourism).In first attempt, reason of this project is because the southern Bali rapid development force tourism to be centralized to avoid unhandled tourism facility development is necessary in the area. The project intention is to steer Bali future tourism development to more public and international way and it is not held by privates or capital companies. The claim of the island Serangan masterplan project is to turn the island into BIM. The core facilities is public facilities, such as, marina, international race track, international stadium, tourism city, mixed use development, mall, golf course, apartments, hotels, condos, offices and houses all in centralized integrated BIM.

In fact Bali is often compared to Singapore, UAE, which have insufficent natural resources and has international culture of tourism. The success of Singapore and UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) has pushed Bali to rethink its tourism masterplan to a more realistic way. On the other hand, Bali has already has abundant resources of natural beauty, especialy in outside mid-southern area. Thus the mid-southern area should be rethink, and while other should be maintain as heritage.

The island of Serangan southern area is abandoned since the new order era, where the success of Nusa Dua resort complex has pushed and turn the island to another luxury resort complex. Since this land abandoned and become useless while in the mainland there are rapid developments that suck up all Denpasar green area, turning the city into dense and sporadically congested.

This is one of many other ways to achieve sustainable tourism, if not acted this way, the tourism market in the mid-southern Bali will be bubbled out.


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